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The following specifications shows the differences between HTML5 Web Browser, official app and premium app. You can also discover the differences by downloading and testing all the options below.



  • Web View
  • Filters & Bookmarks
  • Interactivity on Single Object


Qlik Sense Mobile

  • Web Charts
  • Filters & Bookmarks
  • Interactivity on Single Object
  • Offline Mode


UponBI Qlik Sense Mobile

  • Web & Native Charts
  • Smart Filtering & Bookmarks
  • Interactivity on Single Object
  • Native Interactions
  • Additional Features
  • Share
  • Instant Ad-hocs
  • Favorites
  • Alert & Notifications
  • Organize Sheet Content
  • Themes

Qlik Sense Mobile Features

Mobility has become an indispensable part of today’s business life. Touch interaction is not enough anymore with the increasing demand to access information anytime and anywhere. Slide interaction has also become a necessity to increase user adoption. On the other hand there might be a need to ask instant questions and get answers on time instead of just looking at standard graphics. That’s why instant ad-hoc access should be available on mobile. Premium functionalities like Alerting & Notifications gives ease of use. From now on everyone can customize their own screens as they wish. Increase data literacy with qlik certification process. Download on iOS & Android to discover more.

Qlik Sense


  • App Viewing
  • Filtering
  • Touch gesture
Qlik Sense Mobile


  • All Basic Features
  • Smart Viewing & Filtering
  • Native Interactivity
  • Native Charts
  • Sharing
  • Instant Ad-hocs
  • Favorites
  • Layout Customization
  • Alert & Notification


iOS & Android gestures like touch and slide are supported to provide an enhanced user experience and adoption.


iOS & Android based graphics speed up the processing power of the application and generate a lighter application.

Smart Viewing & Filtering

You can view graphics as a table to see the actual figures. Predefined dates defined in calendar gives the opportunity to select yesterday, previous week, previous month, etc..


Simply share your figures with the colleagues. Sharing options include e-mail, whatsapp, drive, cloud, social media and any other mobile based option.

Instant Ad-hocs

Instead of existing report data, there might be need to ask new questions. Built-in Ad-hoc functionality gives the ability to ask any question anytime. Smart design of ad-hoc initially provides content based data and extendable to whole data.


There is the option to pin favorite graphics from any application. Pinned favorite graphics are shown all together in Favorites section. This will give an ease of use to quickly figure multiple data in different apps very quickly.

Layout Customization

Although traditional row by row graphical display is supported, users are allowed to customize their screen. This customization gives the opportunity to hide any object, change the sizes of the objects and place objects in column by column view. This gives the opportunity to design screens freely.

Alert & Notification

Users need to be informed when the thresholds of KPIs are tested in the data driven organizations. Everyone can set their own alerts with defined thresholds. Whenever KPI reaches the defined thresholds, notifications appear on mobile. This lets users to focus on their jobs instead of frequently checking the figures.

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